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Graham Hurdle's Blog: 16 November - Road safety is on everyone's minds, but for how long?

Date: 16 November 2011

Graham Hurdle is managing director of E-Training World

The terrible accident on the M5 has shocked us all, and whilst I'm not going to speculate about why it happened (because that's for the authorities to determine) I do not feel I can write a blog this week without mentioning this awful incident.

After any major accident, there is always a huge sense of shock and most drivers will, very naturally, reflect on how easily something like that could happen to them. With this being one of the worst incidents in very many years I suspect many people are driving with a greater sense of caution this morning, having received such a stark reminder of the dangers that driving can bring.

But for every driver that is now allowing more distance between themselves and the vehicle in front, driving with greater care and concentrating on the road ahead, how long will it be before they fall back into bad habits?

And for every company director or fleet manager that goes into work this morning, firmly deciding that actions must be taken to improve the safety of their own drivers, how many will allow this issue to fall off the bottom of their priority list, or simply not make it in to next year's budget?

It's fair to say that a growing number of organisations are taking this issue very seriously, and my message is aimed more at those many companies who still do not have adequate measures in place.

So, in a different type of blog this week, I implore any fleet manager or company director to sit down and ask themselves if they are doing enough?

Accidents are avoidable, and the fleet market as a combined force could help to have a dramatic influence on reducing them if more companies put it to the top of their priority list.

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