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Graham Hurdle's blog: 2 November 2011 - Do we really care about being Green?

Date: 02 November 2011

Graham Hurdle is managing director of E-Training World

I've spoken to many fleet managers and finance directors about how we can help their fleet become 'Greener' but the harsh reality is that most people only start showing real interest when we also tell them that, in doing so, we can save them money.

So is there really a Green agenda in the UK or are we only prepared to be eco-friendly if there are financial benefits?

Let's take a look at what's happened in recent years.

The Government changed the tax system to the current emissions-based approach. This triggered the manufacturers to start building greener vehicles because the Government had, effectively, created a profitable market for these cars that previously wasn't there.

Drivers had the chance to driver good quality cars that were also very kind on their pocket which caused demand to grow for these green vehicles.

Fuel costs started to bite causing people to reconsider their gas guzzlers and seek ways of driving more efficiently.

So let's be honest. What's been the driving force? I think it's safe to say that its money!

This begs the question in my mind as to what people really think about the Green Agenda?

Do we still view eco-friendly businesses and green campaigners as being the (dare I say) brown rice and sandals brigade? Or is the environment genuinely seen as a priority in the business community with companies taking their green responsibilities very seriously?

Without wishing to sit on the fence, I'm not sure it really matters. Whatever the motivation, we're definitely seeing the fleet landscape change to a greener one and that's good for all.

So if the financial carrots and sticks are forcing us to change our behaviour towards a greener approach to the way we run our fleets, and the way our drivers conduct themselves behind the wheel, why can't we be honest enough to say so.

The problem is that it's almost a taboo issue to openly say that you'll only commit to eco-friendly initiatives if it suits your pocket - yet that's what most of us really think. But by saying this you can almost hear the cries of, "What - you'd put money before our planet!"

But if money is the driving force, wouldn't it be better for all if we just got this issue out in the open now. At least then we could eliminate any pretence and have better quality conversations about implementing green policies that will ultimately be good for both purse and planet.

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