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Paul Barker's blog: 13 November 2012 - The return of BusinessCar's influential website rating survey

Date: 13 November 2012

Paul Barker is editor of BusinessCar

The issue of BusinessCar published today carries our annual survey of the top 20 fleet manufacturers' corporate websites, a feature that's growing in influence as brands clamour to be seen as doing their digital best for the fleet market.

More than ever we've had car makers contacting us to find out when the analysis will take place so they can make sure upgrades and changes are activated ahead of it, illustrating that we've really thrown a light on the corporate-specific areas of these sites to prompt manufacturers into giving them more attention.

There are, though, some who are still making some pretty basic errors. It seems incredible that three of the 20 manufacturers didn't respond to our email at all, one of which - Ford - for the second year in a row. If we're posing as a fleet customer asking for information, what's the point in having an 'email us' option if you don't reply?

It's a shame because the scores were so tight in the middle of the pack that answering in a few minutes rather than never would have placed Ford joint fourth rather than joint 14th.

One of the UK's 20 biggest-selling fleet brands hasn't even got the basic feature of a tax calculator on its site, which is maybe a sign that, despite making plenty of noise about the Range Rover Evoque signalling an entrance to the business car market, Land Rover is still not really taking it very seriously.

To quote our feature, which starts on page 19 of today's issue, "few other sites make you work so hard to find the corporate sales section", which is symptomatic of its whole approach.

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