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Paul Barker's blog: 10th July 2013 - Increasing awareness of technological innovation

Date: 10 July 2013

Paul Barker is editor of BusinessCar

One of the things I love about the fleet sector of the car industry is that there's always something going on. Companies from all areas of the business car sector are looking to innovate, find clever new ways of doing things and gain new ground, as is the case with new schemes from both Arval and Alphabet.

The plug-in vehicle industry is still one that creates more noise than sales, ironic for cars that run in silence, but it's one that has big potential for savings, on financial and economic levels, if the vehicles are applied in the right places and run in the right ways.

I'm bored of making the point that EVs and plug-in hybrids won't suit everybody, but in the right situation they can be a clever source of reducing fuel bills, tax bills and making a PR stand.

Both programmes are designed to help increase the awareness and knowledge of these new types of technology, which is the key point we've reached.

I think it's fair to say most fleet professionals now understand what electric and plug-in vehicles are, but what they're capable of is a different matter, and anything that helps that has got to be good.

On a similar note of innovation, don't forget that the BusinessCar Techies closing date for entries is fast approaching. The only prizes that reward fleet industry technical innovation across a dozen different categories, they always throw up plenty of instances of people being clever with how they serve fleet managers.