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Ashley Sowerby's blog: 10 September - Should fleets wear the Apple Watch?

Date: 10 September 2014

Apple Watch 2014

Like all good tech bods, I kept a weather eye on the new Apple products launch this week and was intrigued by the Apple Watch. Like any new technology I encounter, I started wondering how it could be adopted by fleets?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Apple Watch from a commercial point of view is that it can be used at the point of sale for payments. So perhaps there is an application for fuel card companies. You could just hold your watch against the sensor at the pump to pay.

Mileage information could also potentially be transmitted wirelessly at the same time, although this is perhaps more of a technical challenge though certainly not impossible.

There are possibly also applications for commercial vehicle fleets, with the Apple Watch used to send directions to a delivery driver and even track them as they walk through an office complex.

There are almost certainly more uses and there will doubtless be some brainstorming in our office over the coming weeks and months. If they haven't already, I can almost guarantee that at some point soon someone in the fleet industry will have a eureka moment and come up with an Apple Watch based product that will elicit a response of "Of course, why didn't I think of that?" from many people like myself across the sector.

  • What do you think of wearable tech and its implications for the fleet industry? Just a passing fad or the next big thing? Will fleets now have to ban wearable tech use when driving? Email or tweet us @BusinessCar