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Graham Hurdle blog: 11th September: the kids are back to school, but its adults that need a lesson in road safety

Date: 11 September 2014

Graham Hurdle is managing director of E-Training World

The school holidays are, at last, over and many parents will be breathing a sigh of relief!

However, no-one will be celebrating the sad reality that this is a time of year when we see an increase in child casualties. Surprisingly it isn't the very young children that are in danger, it is the older ones!

Children going to and from High school are at most risk. The main reason is because these are the children that walk and cycle unsupervised.

It is a myth that children are at the highest risk outside the school gate. Most crashes involving children 'do' happen outside the school but further down the road. Drive past any school when the kids are going in or out and you would find it difficult to speed (not that I am telling you to even try speeding) due to all the parked vehicles narrowing the road and general chaos!

Not far away, though, kids are still walking on pavements in large numbers, many of whom are 3 or 4 abreast across a narrow pavement, pushing and shoving each other or staring at their smart phones and paying no attention to the dangers around them.

So, if you are a fleet manager please take this opportunity to remind all your drivers to look out for children this month. An email to your drivers will take 2 minutes, which is no time at all when you consider it could save a life.

A driving accident that injures, or worse still kills, a child near a school can be down to a number of reasons. Drivers using a mobile phone, driving too fast, not noticing the obvious warning signs that there is a school ahead. For these, and many other topics, E-Training World offers a complete portfolio of online driver training solutions. Many companies offer 1 a month to drivers to improve driving standards and reduce accidents.

 Topics such as adverse weather, hazard perception, mobile phone use, speed awareness etc. These can also be sent as a simple link in an email too and could be sent to each driver on a monthly basis. It would reduce your company crash statistics and help reduce injuries and save lives. If you don't believe me, try it.

Finally, if you have children or any connections to schools or kids clubs, you may like to tell them about E-Training World's free-to-use interactive Road Safety for Kids website.  Go to