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Mike Waters' blog: 17 January 2014 - Automotive goals

Date: 17 January 2014

Mike Waters is senior insight & consultancy manager at leasing and fleet management company Arval

We've just entered a new year and a lot of people will have set themselves resolutions for 2014. Some will keep them, many will fail, but I wonder how many are motoring related?

When it comes to driving, there's plenty of potential for improvement, irrespective of your motivations.

Of course, for the worst offenders who tailgate, speed and are prone to road rage, there's a lot to work to do. For the rest of us, it's about giving driving our full attention and not taking risks.

Some people will be targeting a prudent 12 months and, from an efficiency perspective, drivers should aim to make the most of their fuel.

A smooth approach to acceleration and braking, slightly lower speeds and not revving the engine are some of the ways to limit fuel spend.

Time is always an issue and we're busy people, with vehicle maintenance being an area that we neglect as a result.

Oil, water, tyres, windscreen washer: they're the usual suspects that we all know about, but a resolution to allocate some time each month to check them can keep a vehicle in good condition and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. 

For some drivers, swapping their vehicle will be the target. If this is the case, doing some research is advisable if you wish to pick one that both meets your needs and provides the best investment.

Whether the focus is performance, comfort, efficiency or reducing costs, there are a range of great vehicles to choose from which tick several, or all, of these boxes.

I'm not sure how many people will have looked past diet and exercise when making their resolutions this year. Hopefully the areas above demonstrate that if you're thinking of making some positive changes, motoring could be a great place to focus your efforts.