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Graham Hurdle blog:2 July - Is driving like a game of football?

Date: 02 July 2015

Graham Hurdle is managing director of E-Training World

I've been watching the women's world cup and noticed some interesting similarities between driving and football. Both are team events played by individuals in isolation.

After all, whilst each person is on their own, you have to be very mindful of what others around you are doing, keep your eye on everyone's movements, and predict what may happen next.

Some players are also far more aggressive than others, and this goes for drivers too.

But one difference between the 2 activities is that if you are antagonistic on a pitch you have to face up to the other players, their reactions and emotions in person.

In the car, you are more cocooned - and by dealing with other people remotely in their own 'tin boxes' many drivers show very 'out of character' aggression that in other parts of their life they would never dream of.

I've met many incredibly calm, friendly and caring people who, the moment they get behind the wheel, become hostile and see every journey as a battle between them and everyone else.

But how do we prevent road-rage, because it's a serious issue?

I don't believe you can simply tell drivers not to allow their emotions to overcome them, and I think in many cases drivers feel the vehicle redefines who they are when they are in it; a personality change as they start the engine.

But lets remember, irrespective of what the motor manufacturers tell us in their advertising, a car is simply a 'tin box' transporting you, your passengers and your goods between two locations. Some are faster, more luxurious, more expensive or more sporty - but a tin box with wheels on it is!

Perhaps it's worth reminding your drivers of this from time to time. Plus also mention to them that driving that 'tin box' is possibly the most dangerous thing they do at work and if you get into it with a poor attitude it is also the thing most likely to injure or kill you - particularly if you make a momentary mistake because you saw red!