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Mike Waters' blog: 14 December - Tech for the sake of it?

Date: 14 December 2015

Mike Waters is senior insight & consultancy manager at Arval, the leading vehicle leasing and fleet management company

The pace of change at the moment is incredible - the speed of innovation and the opportunities that technology provides is greater than at any time I can remember. It really is fantastic as long as you can keep up!

It's happening in all walks of life but vehicles provide a great example; it can be a challenge to assess which technology is really important when you are choosing your car or van, which is nice to have, and which you will simply never use. The spec of your vehicle will affect the driving experience and can have a direct impact on its value when the time comes to change.

With this in mind, one advancement that caught my attention recently was from Tesla. They are a great company when it comes to pushing boundaries and have just revealed their long-awaited Model X - it includes a button to keep its inhabitants safe from biological weapon attacks!

According to Tesla it uses a high-efficiency particulate arrestance filter to clean the air - and it has a button that users can press to filter out chemicals. Certainly not top of the list for many of us it's clearly an extreme example of modern vehicle technology. However, it is just one of a raft of new functionalities that the manufacturers are driving into the market.

The challenge for drivers and businesses is to select the right specification; that which will deliver benefit to them and provide value for money. As with all aspects of vehicle selection this is not a one size fits all approach and what works for one will not be right for another.

My suggestion is keep an open mind and be focused on the benefit not the actual technology. If you do this, you shouldn't go too far wrong.