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Mike Waters' blog: 14 July - Inconsiderate driving: that's £100 please

Date: 16 July 2015

Mike Waters is senior insight & consultancy manager at Arval, the leading vehicle leasing and fleet management company

Let's be honest, have you ever been careless or inconsiderate behind the wheel? Before you automatically say no, just think about whether you have ever undertaken, hogged a lane or were distracted whilst driving?

None of us are floorless and the majority of the country's police will be imposing £100 on-the-spot penalty notices to thousands of motorists for poor driving. There could also be a three point penalty at the same time.

Other examples of inconsiderate acts include splashing pedestrians, using a road closed for repairs or driving carelessly close to pedestrians and schoolchildren.

The first comprehensive set of figures shows that at least 10,000 motorists have been fined for offences like tailgating and undertaking on the inside lane. In addition, the figures reveal what motoring groups describe as a "postcode lottery" for drivers, with officers in some areas not using the new powers while others making extensive use of them.

Police in Scotland are the strictest giving out 3,252 penalty notices, followed by the Metropolitan Police (1,397), Nottinghamshire Police (621) and Gwent, South Wales (608). However, only three were issued by Durham Police and Humberside issued 12 tickets (although the force did order 793 motorists to attend safer driving courses and referred 151 of the most serious cases to the courts).

Its right that inconsiderate driving is punished and that the punishment is severe enough to act as a deterrent. The regret is that an inconsistent approach is being taken across geographical boundaries which is clearly not the right approach to take.