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Mike Waters' blog: 4 November - What would you do with the time?

Date: 04 November 2015

Mike Waters is senior insight & consultancy manager at Arval, the leading vehicle leasing and fleet management company

Imagine turning your daily commute into productive time when you could read, check email or organise your social life.

For many drivers, that's a lot of hours back in their busy schedules and very desirable.

It's also something that could be on the cards as Britain unveils its first self-driving car in Milton Keynes.

The electric-powered LUTZ Pathfinder pod is the first of three vehicles that have been designed. They use cameras, laser and radars to scan streets for hazards, such as people and curbs. It's all part of a project to trial driverless vehicles in pedestrian areas.

Of course, there are two sides to every story and for the motoring purists there's a totally different school of thought. The point of driving for many of us isn't just about getting from 'A to B'. It's about enjoying the driving experience, especially for those petrol heads out there.

There's a long way to go as this technology still needs a lot of development and with a maximum speed of 15mph, it's not going to be replacing our current vehicles any time soon.

However, with continued investment into the technology, it's a clear focus for the future and as drivers we probably need to approach it with an open mind.