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RoadBlog: 10 things we learned about the Suzuki Vitara

Date: 06 November 2015   |   Author: Alisdair Suttie

In the first of our new weekly Road Blog features, Alistair Suttie gives us the ten things he's learnt from a week spent in the Suzuki Vitara

1: Keyless entry is all well and good, but it's a pain when it doesn't open all of the doors with a single touch.

2: The Vitara's trim ignition button is too close to the adaptive cruise control switches, so expect the occasional unwanted bonging noise.

3: Reversing camera is clear and stays clean even when the roads are covered in the usual autumnal crud and leaves.

4: If you want to relive your yoof of 'improving' your car, the Vitara's dash trim will appeal. Otherwise, no thanks.

5: It's still a Vitara, thankfully, with proper four-wheel drive and decent off-road ability but without clunky selector levers.

6: Good old fashioned centre console storage is much underrated. Also useful to have USB and power socket next to each other.

7:  Its panoramic sunroof provides welcome light relief from the Vitara's dour cabin but pinches rear passenger headroom for adults.

8: The Vitara SZ5's 1.6-litre petrol engine is reasonably refined, but it's too short on puff compared to its diesel counterpart.

9: It is easy to park thanks to parking aids and camera, but more importantly a tight turning circle helps here.

10: So-so driving dynamics of the Vitara leave it loitering in the middle ranks of both the SUV and crossover sectors.