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Ashley Sowerby's blog: The importance of licence checking

Date: 17 July 2017

When it comes to the compliance of a fleet, a valid driving licence - and that means certification that each individual is eligible to drive the class of vehicle they will be operating - is vital. Without it, there will be serious consequences for both employer and employee. 

While there are several manual ways to carry out necessary checks with the DVLA, including online, over the telephone and by post, these methods are incredibly time-consuming, resource-intensive and, as a result, can be costly. More importantly, these checks present serious compliance risks should drivers fail to declare any offenses prior to checks and - in the case of an accident - employers may be liable for any legal or financial repercussions.

To prevent this from happening, it's advisable to invest in driver licence checking software that will automate the entire process, eliminating all unnecessary risks, removing administrative duties, reducing cost and enabling businesses to carry out multiple checks for hundreds of drivers - it's that simple.  

It's important that regular checks are carried out for all drivers, even those with a clean licence, but there are a number of underlying factors that should also be considered. For example, what is the drivers' annual mileage? How old are they? Does he or she have a high accident rate?

Do they carry any penalty points? In covering as much ground as possible, employers will be able to allocate an informed risk rating to each driver - and driving licence checking software can simplify this process, allowing organisations to define multiple parameters to build rules that will be directly attached to checking frequencies.  

Data obtained by driver licence checking software can then be built into a company's risk strategy, which is a crucial policy when it comes to protecting any businesses reputation; and data-led risk profiling can offer great value when it comes to reducing the likelihood of accidents. It also helps to manage the aftermath and keep costs down but, in order to achieve these goals, driver profiles need to be quickly built and easily managed.

Accidents cost fleets millions of pounds annually, so driver licence checking software is a fantastic resource to have when protecting the safety of your team and the reputation of your business.