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Adrian Bewley's blog: Mobility, motoring and millennials

Date: 09 April 2019

Many factors are shaping how businesses provide mobility and travel options to employees. 

A lot of attention is devoted to some of the 'harder' legislative and regulatory changes, such as IFRS 16, which will impact how many organisations track vehicle assets on balance sheets or London's Ultra Low Emission Zone, which is leading businesses to build flexibility into sourcing vans and trucks that travel into urban areas. 

But legislative change is only part of the picture as the fleet sector transforms to meet a new kind of demand for business travel. 

A key driver for change is generational.

Many millennials expect the same flexibility, immediate access and service in transport at work as they get in other aspects of their lives. 

Personal service for a millennial is an online portal or mobile app that can be used 24/7. Access to mobility means round the clock and as 'hands free' as possible. No desks, no documents to sign, no questions that have already been answered.

Rental companies like Enterprise have introduced a suite of new booking platforms and service options to meet these requirements. 

We're working with emerging Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) providers for both business and personal travellers. In addition, our ETD booking platform is the first journey assessment and booking system that enables customers to compare the cost of daily rental, hourly car club and grey fleet based on a planned journey and real-time vehicle availability.

This could mean locating car club vehicles, so they form part of a multi-modal travel ecosystem that employees can access at any time based on their needs. We're also putting car club vehicles in our branches so regular renters can pick up a car without having to go to the counter.

As Generation Z - broadly described as adults under 25 - comes into the workforce for the first time, this pace of change is likely to accelerate.

Gen Z is often even more technology-driven. Our research shows around a quarter of those aged 18-24 (23%) say they are 'hugely reliant' on travel apps, compared to just 6% of adults aged 25 and over. In total, 82% of under 25s use transport apps to some degree, versus 49% for Britain as a whole. 

To support this generational shift, we are evolving our systems so everything is online and electronic, from rental contracts to tracking vehicle condition. 

From the perspective of the travel, fleet or mobility manager, the good news is that more technology means more data about how, when, where and why people travel. That in turn makes it possible to offer ever more flexible, tailored mobility options that also fit the requirements of ever-changing regulation.

Adrian Bewley is assistant vice president of business mobility in the UK and Ireland for Enterprise Rent-A-Car