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Jo McDonnell's blog: Happy fleet, happy fleet manager

Date: 12 August 2019

To maintain a happy and hardworking fleet, it's vital to give employees a healthy working environment including reasonable and flexible working hours, sufficient training and support, health and safety policies and worthwhile benefits. While most of these will be elements that fall under HR's remit, fleet managers can make small gestures to go the extra mile to ensure a healthy work ethic throughout their fleet.

Fleet managers should aim to create an open dialogue with their drivers. This could be done in a number of ways, including utilising fleet management tools with a messaging service so drivers can easily voice any concerns, and feedback can be given quickly. Open communication between drivers and managers will also ensure their mental and physical health is always considered important.

It's also vital that drivers feel like a valuable part of the business. As a key part of their job is moving around from A to B, it's easy for a driver to feel disconnected from the core business and its values. If a manager expects trust and respect from their employees, the employees must be able to expect the same from the company. Involving drivers in company discussions with wider business stakeholders help them to feel invested in the success and reputation of the business, which in turn motivates them to complete each job to the best of their ability.

Finally, a good work life balance will not only have a positive effect on drivers' work ethic and their results, but will also drive recruitment in a competitive market. Recent research we commissioned revealed that a good night's sleep, a free coffee and a delicious treat are just some of the things that make us feel good day to day. So, in practice this means that drivers having access to reward schemes like BPme Rewards can help brighten their day with little treats whilst they are out on the road. This proves that the simple things in life can put a smile on your face and there is no reason that this shouldn't ring true in the workplace. 

Jo McDonnell is UK manager for BP Fuel Cards