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Sam Sterry's blog: Keep your fleet moving during the summer holidays

Date: 30 July 2019

Europcar UK Group's head of SME highlights the flexibility of rental for business fleets coping with staff fluctuations during the peak holiday season.

School's out for summer, but that doesn't mean businesses have to cope with fleet vehicles sitting around onsite when staff are away for the summer holidays. Rental offers businesses the flexibility they need to manage staff holiday absence and still maintain control of fleet costs. There's no point holding onto vehicles not in use, so firms should consider rental as a way to tailor their fleet to suit short term demands and reduce costs without compromising mobility. 

Flexible rental offer SMEs the solution they need for the summer months, when the workforce may be lower due to the school holidays. And with the right rental provider, businesses don't need to worry about early return penalties if they no longer need a vehicle during the peak holiday season. Firms can wave goodbye to long contracts and instead embrace flexible hire, which allows their fleet to decrease through the school holidays and expand again in September, when all staff are back onsite.

The alternative is owning vehicles that may be just sitting around during the quieter summer months. If the vehicle isn't doing any mileage it may seem like a no-loss option, but the fact is that vehicle still depreciates in value and ongoing costs like servicing and MOTs still add to the financial burden. 

In contrast, renting brand new vehicles eliminates the cost of servicing and maintenance, as well as bringing more fuel-efficient models on fleet to reduce emissions. Plus rental providers include 24-hour breakdown roadside assistance and recovery, for added peace of mind for employers and their staff. 

For businesses that hire contract staff for a short period, rental gives them access to a well-maintained vehicle immediately, ensuring they stay mobile when they need to. And rental means firms can avoid the risks and challenges associated with grey fleet - employees' own vehicles - which could be older, poorly maintained and more likely to breakdown.