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Adrian Bewley's blog: Smarter motoring means less mileage, even for the commute

Date: 02 March 2020

Perhaps the most obvious sign of the changing times in the fleet sector is the growing focus on reducing mileage. In order to cut emissions and costs, vehicle and mobility providers are working to cut both the number of vehicles on the road and the amount they travel. Employees are being encouraged to drive smarter. 

Even the daily commute could become an area where smarter motoring is possible thanks to new car club models that allow businesses to share vehicle assets during the day and outside working hours. 

They work on the principle that a car club vehicle is shared with a colleague (or colleagues) on the drive to and from work. During the day the car is then available for use either by employees for company travel, removing the need for them to use their own vehicle, or by the general public. It 'toggles' between personal and business use.

The car can be even made available to the public on a simple pay-as-you-go tariff at weekends and evenings, offering low-emission motoring to local communities.

This means that cars which would have spent the majority of each day parked and idle are replaced by fewer, more intensively used alternatives, delivering greater value.

With flexibility at the core of so many transport strategies, models like this offer the potential to transform how we drive to work. One vehicle replaces many, cutting the need for parking and reducing traffic congestion. In the same way as rental provides a better alternative to grey fleet journeys, the modern car club approach creates the potential of a true journey-sharing.

Just as companies are able to use data to build a better picture of how employees travel for business, they can do so when it comes to how those workers commute.

Companies that get their employees to book a car club or daily rental car on a booking platform like Enterprise's ETD can also ensure that multiple people heading to the same location on a business trip share one vehicle, and now they can do the same when it comes to driving to and from work. 

Reducing mileage has become a key element in reducing business costs and making work travel more efficient. Extending these benefits to the commute could be the next step.

Adrian Bewley is assistant vice president of business mobility in the UK and Ireland for Enterprise Rent-A-Car