We have been going through a programme of Smarter Driving training this week which has been set up by the Energy Savings Trust.

We will have had almost 50 drivers take the short course which has been publicised as having the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. I have certainly seen some impressive increases in miles per gallon coming back on some of the earlier drivers certificates. I will update you fully when I have the final results in but for a £15.00 investment, a vehicle, fuel and instructor provided and less than an hour out of the office it seems a like a no brainer. This gives you fuel savings of up to 15%, safer drivers who anticipate the road ahead and fewer emissions. I will also try and update you on the payback time. This training will also benefit the individual in their own vehicle outside of work.

As an organisation that previously invested in SaFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) which took two staff and a vehicle out of the office all day this is a much more painless option. The most difficult thing has been hounding the drivers to make sure they turn up at the allotted time so the instructor keeps to his rigid timetable. You need to be able to commit to eight drivers a day for a minimum of three days.

I can’t help but wonder though how instructors have the patience. On each 50 minute session they drive the same route three times. With eight staff per day that’s twenty four times a day and with our six days of training that’s one hundred and forty four times on the same bit of road. I shall find out if our instructor is still a patient man though because I am doing the last session myself as driver number forty eight. I’m really looking forward to it so let’s hope my driving is up to speed, or should I say not up to speed!!!

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