I was lucky enough to attend the ACFO AGM this week where I met with many likeminded colleagues within the fleet industry. It was a fantastic opportunity to talk shop, hear the latest news and find out what other fleet managers are working on.

The latest buzz phrase seems to be ‘salary sacrifice’ and an interesting debate was had about the pros and cons of introducing such a scheme. That’s one of the reasons I like the industry because there is always something new, perhaps even more so under these testing times, and the world of fleet evolves very quickly.

One of the other reasons I was glad I made the effort to go was the very high quality of speakers that had been arranged. I think it goes to show that its quality not quantity that matters. There were four speakers who covered topics ranging from the European car market to duty of care.

What was notable in all of these sessions was the highly professional delivery. Having attended many presentations (and given quite a few myself) there is always a very clear threshold that speakers either fail to achieve or exceed. It is rare indeed to get four speakers on one day that all exceed expectations.

For this above all I congratulate ACFO.

You can always tell a good presentation from a bad one by how much you remember a few days later. Well I still have some of the speaker’s comments whizzing around my head and that’s after three days in the office getting to grips with my usual challenges.

If you didn’t attend and are a member of ACFO then I suggest you aren’t making the best use of your subscription fees and you missed a great day of learning and networking.

Just one question – can you better that in 2010 ACFO?