I had to go to central London last week, which means getting out of my car and onto public transport.

This can often be a trying task and although I don’t have to go into ‘town’ very often I have been delayed by fires, lack of drivers, strikes and the weather over the past few years.

This time, however, public transport worked as it should and it was a complete joy.

Having researched my destination on the very good Transport for London journey planner, the quickest and easiest option, having arrived at Waterloo following a very pleasant train journey, was to take a bus.

Now I have to admit that it’s been years since I got on a bus, particularly since the Routemaster is no longer in existence. Nowadays without the hop on hop off facility you need to really know where you are going before you board. Usually I would get on the tube but as this meant a couple of changes the bus appeared to be the simplest solution.

To me it was a revelation. Not only did I get to travel on a clean and quick bus but I also got to see the sights of London whilst I was doing it. In addition I had purchased a day bus pass, which allowed me to go anywhere for a very reasonable £3.80. Certainly when it comes to central London travel in the future it will be the bus for me.

In my mind this positive experience raises two questions:

Why can’t public transport be like this more often? And, if London can do this so well why can’t this be repeated everywhere?

If these two questions were answered satisfactorily then public transport really could become an alternative to car travel.

Roll on my next trip to the Capital.