In the 2017 Autumn Budget, the Chancellor announced investment of £400 million in the infrastructure to support a much wider adoption of electric vehicles.  This commitment could be just what’s needed to urge company fleet managers to consider ‘going electric’. However, the challenge for small businesses is to find a provider who can support their key objectives as they aim to integrate new motoring technologies into their operations. 

In 2015, Europcar UK announced its commitment to move 5% of its fleet to electric vehicles by 2020. A major step towards this goal was the acquisition of a majority stake in the all-electric car sharing business E-Car which reinforced Europcar Group’s vision to make electric vehicles a genuine rental solution for businesses.

For those companies who are not ready to take the plunge to a wholly-electric fleet, there are several options to help them take steps in the right direction and understand how new motoring technology can play a fundamental role in their business transport solutions.

By choosing a rental provider that offers a range of alternative fuel and hybrid options, businesses get to pick the right solution for their needs on a case-by-case basis.  Renting – whether by the hour, day or longer – also means they can take advantage of a ‘try before they buy’ experience.  Hiring a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle means drivers and fleet managers gain first-hand experience of the benefits of the vehicle and tangible evidence on how to reduce running costs and emissions, before they invest.

Europcar is helping more businesses get on the road to a zero emissions future with a growing fleet of alternative fuelled vehicles.   In the past year,  a swathe of manufacturers have brought different models to the market, some of which are reflected in the Europcar fleet and available from urban locations – perfect for driving around busy cities.  In addition, there are also hybrids on fleet, such as the Toyota Auris and the Toyota Mirai which gives customers insight of how hydrogen fuelled motoring might work for their business.  

With more investment from the Government and the spotlight on clean air zones, the UK is at the beginning of a journey towards zero emission roads in the UK.  The challenge for small businesses is to view electric vehicles from being a niche solution adopted by a few to a mainstream transport option.  Car hire and car share schemes offering alternative fuelled options can play a crucial role in helping to provide businesses with easy access and to see how the new technology can be integrated as part of the fleet.