After the huge success of BusinessCar‘s 2009 investigation into Government licence checking of their drivers under the Freedom of Information Act, we’ve been at it again.

This time it’s Government grey fleet under the microscope, and the lack of monitoring our policymakers see fit to conduct on their staff using their own cars for business. As estimates put grey fleet use at 57% of public sector road mileage, it’s something they should be getting to grips with, especially given the target-driven pressure to cut emissions.

Just two of the 14 Government departments we approached are actually recording grey fleet emissions, and of the eight that are including them in their targets at all, five stick with the Government’s average emissions figures rather than researching the actual real-life version, which is likely to be higher given grey fleet vehicles’ propensity to be older and less green.

Our investigation shows how far grey fleet analysis has got to go in the public sector before it’s taken seriously enough to actually make a contribution to emission reduction. It’s pointless looking at company cars – which are lower emitting almost by definition – if grey fleet is ignored.

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