It’s pleasing, if not surprising, to see the reduction in fleet average CO2 emissions has continued for another year. According to the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, fleets of more than 25 vehicles averaged a figure of 143.5g/km in 2010, down from 150.8g/km in 2009, while smaller fleets were down from 154.2g/km to 146.9g/km in 2010.

The two figures sandwiched private sales at 144.8g/km, and it’s good to see large fleets staying ahead of the private market, given retail sales are increasingly heading for smaller city cars and superminis.

The tax laws are only ever going to drive further CO2 reductions, but nonetheless it’s nice to see another fall, and the same rate of reduction will see fleets getting below an average 140g/km by the end of this year. Considering the average was up towards 180g/km a decade ago, that’s quite satisfying.

Talking of the tax laws, this week’s Budget, which may even have happened by the time you read this, depending on the efficiency of your postal system, is expected to have at least one key announcement affecting fleet – be it the much called-for clarification of BIK bands going forward, as nothing beyond next year has been announced, or one of the many other areas that impact upon the financial aspects of running a fleet and the decisions made in renewing one. Let’s just hope for some long-term transparency, but whatever happens,you will find all the news here.

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