It’s been interesting chatting recently to the driving forces behind a couple of brands that have been relatively dormant in the fleet sector in recent times.

Alfa Romeo has never been a serious corporate player, but the lower medium Giulietta is starting to give the stylish Italian manufacturer a bit of presence at the user-chooser end of the market, and behind the scenes plenty of work has been going on to make sure the company is ready for the growth that an improving line-up, in quality and efficiency terms, brings. A wider breadth of appealing fleet vehicles would be nice, but for now it’s good to see Alfa Romeo back on the right track.

To a lesser extent, Honda has been absent from the business car market recently. A delay with the new Civic meant the Japanese firm is missing a diesel in the lower medium sector, the big fleet segment. But with the latest Civic now in the early stages of ramp up to launch, Honda’s new fleet boss Ed Hummel is making plans for a significant splash.

We will see the new Civic at the Frankfurt motor show next week, where it’s one of a number of intriguing models that will have an impact in the corporate car market over the next 18 months. BusinessCar will be out in Germany talking to all the key people about the raft of exciting new metal, and you will be able to see the best of it in our next edition, due out on 20 September.

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