When we planned the recent article on licence-checking we debated the likely outcomes, bearing in mind it’s now been two years since the issues were first highlighted to the various Government departments, and BusinessCar‘s subsequent work with ACFO to produce a best practice guide, which was issued to each department.

Fundamentally, there’s no excuse for the lack of interest in ensuring drivers across Government are licenced, and therefore insured, when going about official business. These are the people both setting laws that private companies must adhere to, and the ones working on our behalf. I know that most professional fleet managers will take one look at the responses, again using the Freedom of Information Act, and reel away in horror at the potential problems that lie ahead. Not having any sort of policy to protect a body or business by discovering a banned driver, let alone one who hasn’t even got a licence, is asking for trouble.

The newspapers would have a field day. There aren’t many private companies still this na├»ve about their duty of care obligations, so why is it that Government organisations are so cavalier when it comes to their responsibilities to both their employees and the public at large? We’ll go hunting for answers over the next few weeks and will let you know if there are any to be found.

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