Millions of people drink Coca Cola because the makers keep reminding us how tasty their drink is!

Everywhere you look, you see posters, digital signs, TV adverts, T-shirts and the cans themselves.

The brand is world famous. Everyone knows it and most of us have tried it.

So, what’s Coke got to do with driving? Absolutely nothing!

However, the repeated marketing used by Coca Cola is a great example of how to keep something very high profile in people’s minds, which is something that companies could learn a lot from to help with driver safety.

I am not suggesting you need to run a major advertising campaign. But what I am suggesting is that companies should continuously remind all staff of the importance of safe driving.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. Posters on notice boards. Messages on the company intranet. A road safety message in every wage slip. A regular email to all staff. A mention of safe driving at key company meetings. 

Perhaps messages highlighting how expensive even the smallest knocks and scrapes are to the company – particularly thought-provoking if you’ve got a profit-related bonus scheme in place!

All of these things will keep the message very prominently in everyone’s minds. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone – not just the at-work drivers.

After all, by providing education to all staff you will ensure your employees will see it as the company caring about them and not just the vehicles.

It doesn’t matter if you drive on company business or not, the message must be that your employer wants everyone to be safe on the roads.

By reducing accidents, you may also see your profits grow as vehicle repair costs come down, the cost of administration to do with accidents reduces and less drivers are absent following accidents.

So why not learn from Coca Cola and do a bit of road safety marketing. One of their straplines used to be “Enjoy Life”. You may find by taking action on driver safety you “Save Life”.