A new study claims the danger of a road accident increases by 30% for motorists driving between 5pm and 8pm, in the month following the clocks going back.

We may get an extra hour in bed when the clocks change at the end of October, but it also appears to increase danger on the roads. 

And that’s definitely a concern for small businesses keen to keep employees safe as well as stay in control of costs.

A National Audit Office report from 2009 found that pedestrian deaths and injuries increase by 10% in the four weeks following the clock change compared to the four weeks preceding it. The fact is, driving conditions are more challenging in the winter, with less daylight and the risk of heavy rain, fog, ice and perhaps even snow. And for small businesses with just a small number of vehicles, if there’s a breakdown or accident the options to keep staff on the road can be limited.

The increased risk of accidents in the winter months can also add to the administrative, financial and productivity burden on all businesses – but small businesses in particular. Vehicles can suddenly be out of commission, hitting productivity and earnings and stretching already limited resources.

Short of waiting for the Government to call time on turning the clocks back, vehicle hire offers small businesses a real lifeline. It means SMEs can ensure staff travel in newer, well maintained vehicles with breakdown cover included as standard for added peace of mind. And with Deliver & Collect service, staff can get the right vehicle for the job delivered to their home or workplace, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The winter months can present real challenges for small businesses.  But vehicle hire can solve some of the headaches, providing reliable well maintained cars and vans to keep staff safe on the road – and get goods to the customers.