More and more we rely on and get used to technology within our vehicles, be it ABS braking to digital radio or cruise control.

However, this is not a trend exclusive to the automotive sector, as new technology continues to provide great benefit away from the roads.

Smartphone penetration is now over 50% in the UK, by Christmas it is though that around 20% of people will be using a tablet device, and around 30 million people communicate via social media.

What’s really interesting is that we are starting to see an increasing amount of cross-over, as the tools that we use on a day to day basis become really useful for drivers and we recently announced the Arval Smart Experience to respond to this specific trend.

Some drivers want to be able to use their smartphones or their tablets to gain information or communicate whenever they want and wherever they are.

As long as they do it safely, and, if appropriate, by following their companies’ fleet policies, a driver can use their mobile or tablet to access a wide range of important information and services.

For example, through the GPS on their phone they can see how close they are to garages or fuel forecourts when they need them.

They can also communicate with the companies that they deal with. For example, drivers can ask questions directly to the manufacturer of their vehicle, contact their leasing company or book a service through intelligent apps.

I’ve spoken before about the car becoming a mobile office as we can do an increasing amount remotely. The world is changing and there is no doubt that those drivers who use the best technology in the right circumstances will see great benefit.