Many people select a vehicle to cover all bases – from the day-to-day commute and business trios to the weekly supermarket shop or a two week holiday in France.

The problem is, to select a vehicle that can do all of these things effectively can mean spending more than you need to, and that’s where ‘rightsizing’ is an important approach.

The most versatile vehicles also tend to be the largest because they provide the flexibility of space when you most need it. The problem with this is that the largest vehicles can also be the most expensive. They tend to have a higher purchase price or lease rental than smaller models and because they are bigger and heavier, they often have larger engines so they use more fuel and fall within higher tax bands.

We see this issue a lot with vans but it’s relevant for cars too. Drivers and businesses select larger vehicles than they need because they will occasionally require the extra space.

What we recommend is a different approach which we call ‘rightsizing’; this means selecting the right vehicle for the majority of your journeys, not necessarily all of them.

If most of the time this means the commute to work or urban driving then a smaller vehicle probably meets your needs. It can save you money on an ongoing basis and do the job most of the time. When you do need something bigger to transport a larger load, then you can use short term rental and hire a vehicle. Even with the added costs of rental, it often still makes financial sense.

Of course, there will always be drivers who want a larger vehicle. They like the feel, the space, the comfort or they complete a lot of miles and that’s all fine because they clearly understand the things that they need the vehicle to deliver. For the more cost conscious motorist, it makes sense to think about smaller, more economical vehicles.

The key is to select the vehicle that fits the brief the vast majority of the time, rather than the one that can cover every eventuality no matter how rare. Taking this approach, I’m sure that you will make a good choice.