It’s not just bad drivers that cause accidents, congestion, frustration and stress for others. Unprepared drivers do too, which is why it is so important that people passing their driving tests are properly equipped.

Not just having the ability to scrape through the test with a pass mark but having the skills required to drive safely and at a confident level in all manner of situations.

Of course, new drivers need to be given some slack because they simply don’t have much experience. But it feels like there are a few key competencies that aren’t addressed in the current driving test.

The key example is motorway driving; something that the current Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport is looking to rectify.

Under his plans, many learner drivers will undergo some motorway training as long as they are accompanied by a qualified driving instructor.

This change (which will come into force next year) makes a great deal of sense. For the modern driver, using motoways is often necessary, so it seems crazy that learner drivers can pass their test without any exposure.

On a motorway; poor lane discipline, erratic, tentative or slow driving all cause danger and frustration to others, especially given that vehicles are travelling faster than they would on other roads.

A new driver confronted with traffic moving at speeds of 70 mph (and often more) without any preparation faces a huge challenge which makes them likely to show some or all of these traits.

Unfortunately, this change will not be made compulsory because of the difficulties learner drivers in remote areas of the country would face in finding a motorway within a reasonable distance of where they live. However, it is a step in the right direction.

We don’t want drivers having to try new things on their own shortly after passing their tests. It is really important that the test represents the challenges that a driver will face so that when they hit the road, they are as prepared as they possibly can be.