It’s been interesting pulling together the thoughts of various industry luminaries for our look into the potential key topics of 2016 because the discussions went far and wide.

No single, dominant issue was predicted for the coming year. We’re (hopefully) through the economic crisis and the market has settled down again in a healthy position – if maybe not quite as healthy as the record registrations in 2015 would have you believe – so a combination of legislation, taxation, operational issues and, most pertinently, technology, all found their way to the front of mind when looking ahead through the next 12 months.

But that sums up the modern life of anyone dealing with the operation of business cars. These days there are so many different things a good manager needs to understand, with technology being the fastest-paced issue of all. From new apps designed to make life easier, safer, more streamlined or giving better access to information, through to electronic car safety systems and new ways to try and understand and handle the increasing quantities of data coming back from cars and drivers, the quantity of complicated technology is ever increasing.

Which is one reason why we will run monthly safety and risk management articles in BusinessCar during 2016, teaming up with safety pioneer Volvo to ensure your understanding is as comprehensive as possible to enable your company to operate in a way that protects and educates drivers daily.