The surge in popularity and adoption of ultra-low emission models looks set to continue in the UK’s capital city after a remarkably joined-up and encompassing plan was released by the mayor’s office.

Covering cars, vans, buses, taxis and even car sharing, you’ll have read all about the plans for London on our front page, although there’s not a lot of detail yet emerging below the surface of ideas.

But it at least points to a coherent and long-term strategy around more than just cars, which certainly bodes well – apart from the little drop-in mention of road charging, which is a slight concern.

The report talks about Transport for London working with Government to use road charging as a way of incentivising ultra-low emission vehicles, which doesn’t sound promising.

Road user charging will have to come in if we continue these moves towards ULEVs, as the Treasury will eventually begin to notice a hole appearing in its petrol revenues, but it’s a drastic move that could mean a sea-change in personal mobility and reliance on cars, especially in urban areas.