RV expert Glass’s was notably restrained when I went along to see the main players behind its new product aimed at moving into the future values territory dominated by Cap.

At the launch of GlassForecast the company was more reticent about referencing its rival, certainly compared with late last year when it offered figures showing the relative accuracy of the two companies. Although it’s clearly pleased with the product, and talked about setting new levels in terms of quality and quantity of data, the bullishness was replaced by quiet confidence in a job well done, even if it has been much-delayed since the original conversations in 2012 talked about being almost ready to launch.

One particularly interesting bit was managing director Ian Tilbrook’s declaration that he wants his editors to be accessible to all customers to chat through any issues they have with Glass’s predictions. He’s confident that the company can roadmap its way from current used values being achieved back to its predictions for vehicles across a 10-year period, and the company will be adding to its team of editors as the customer base grows and people start taking up the opportunity to phone in and use the editor “as an extra man on the RV committee”, as Tilbrook put it.

It’ll be fascinating to see the impact of Glass’s finally muscling in on Cap’s virtual monopoly. It seems to feel the industry will be interested in a second opinion and additional data, rather than making a straight choice between the two. We’ll wait and see how it pans out.