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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE: The right partnership for stormy times

Date: 15 June 2022

The current uncertainty surrounding new vehicles and parts is challenging fleet and business travel managers more than ever. 

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the closer a business is to the top of the chain, the more confidence they can have in supply. Or at the very least, understanding where the barriers are and how they can be managed.

At Europcar Mobility Group UK, we have always maintained a collaborative partnership with our clients to understand their business needs with clear and direct communication helping both organisations. 

Our consultative approach, matched with our extensive range of mobility services that go beyond simply daily rental, enables us to keep our clients' business moving. And by 'going direct' with Europcar, fleet and business travel managers can plan effectively for their future mobility needs.

Fit for purpose

Right now, the key is to find a mobility partner that is 'fit for purpose'.

The right fleet mix

As the drive to zero accelerates and businesses need to be able to test new motoring technologies before making serious long-term financial commitments, Europcar provides access to a comprehensive fleet, from cars to vans, and including a growing proportion of low and zero emissions vehicles.

One size doesn't fit all

Europcar offers the ultimate flexibility in vehicle use, from hourly on demand to long-term 28 days plus, enabling businesses to select the mobility solution that's fit for purpose.  

In the right place

A comprehensive network of locations and strong logistics is also crucial to meet the sometimes unpredictable mobility needs of business drivers. Europcar's Delivery and Collection service is integral to what we do for fleet and corporate customers. And our connected vehicle strategy helps us know whether vehicles are ready for collection and are situated at the intended pick up point. 


The past two years have shown just how important it is for supplier partnerships to be founded on adaptability. A great example of this is Europcar's innovative corporate car sharing solution that helps businesses make better use of pool cars. 

By engaging directly with Europcar, fleet and business travel managers can benefit from the network, flexibility and innovation that will keep their business moving.

To find out more about Europcar's business solutions visit or call 0371 384 0140.