In several of the meetings I had with industry executives at the end of 2007 the same rumour came up – that Transport for London would cut the level at which cars go free in London’s Congestion Charge zone from the proposed 120g/km to 115 or 110g/km.

If the original proposals stand, then cars with a CO2 output of 120g/km or less (no matter what fuel or technology powers the car) would go free in London, avoiding the £8 per day charge.

But what we’re hearing now is that because so many cars are now below 120g/km, far more than TfL expected, (including ‘regular’ company cars such as versions of the BMW 1-series, Ford Focus, Audi A3 and Renault Megane) that limit will be tighter than expected.

In fact, a quick search of shows there are well over 200 cars at or below 120g/km.

Interestingly TfL remains tight lipped on the matter. With the new regulations due to come into play on 4 February, all TfL will say is that it still expects to have the final regulations out before the end of January.

This doesn’t leave fleets with any time to react and alter any car choice lists to help drivers in the capital.