Administrating drivers’ fines is one of those necessary evils of fleet management.

It would be great if all drivers parked correctly, didn’t use bus lanes when they weren’t supposed to, never went over the speed limit, didn’t stop in box junctions and always paid the congestion charge on time. Imagine the amount of time you’d save without having to deal with these.

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that business car drivers will suddenly start obeying all the rules of the road. Which makes the implementation of the Traffic Management Act at the end of March a worry for any business – even those that outsource their fleet management.

The local authority use of CCTV to monitor driver behaviour could easily see a doubling of the admin loading for fleets. And that’s before we get to the appeals procedure.

If you’re doing your own fines admin then you’re going to need some robust systems in place, and if you’re outsourcing then don’t be surprised when your bill goes up.