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BusinessCar Awards 2014 - Accident Management: The AA

Date: 28 January 2014

The AA has retained the top spot in the BusinessCar Accident Management category.

It's a crucial time for this corner of the industry too, because changes to credit hire and referral fees have put pressure on companies operating in the sector.

Speaking in 2013, The AA's head of accident management, David Bartlett, said he expected the sector to contract as smaller accident management firms exit the marketplace.

"One of the biggest incomes that accident management companies derived was in respect of personal injury claims. That referral fee [is now] illegal. When you lose an income stream like that it has an effect on your whole financial proposition.

"I think what you're going to see is a lot of these smaller companies - or the companies that are only interested in one product - that have professed to being accident management companies, will start to say 'actually, this isn't a route for us any more', and what you're left with, really as a benefit to fleets, are the true accident management companies."

In reference to the organisation's recent developments, Bartlett said: "[We have] built excellent relationships with insurers and this now pays dividends in allowing us to source greater levels of delegated authority and in permitting us to act more effectively on behalf of our customers.

"These work on different levels, from notification of new insurance claims to liaison around vehicle inspections, repair authorisation, total loss handling, non-fault claim recovery and invoicing."