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Techies 2013: Best Car Safety System - Volvo Cyclist Detection

Date: 20 August 2013

It comes as no surprise to see Volvo notching up another gong in this category. The firm, which has long been renowned for its impenetrable safety record, defends its spot for a second year, following on from its 2012 win with its pedestrian airbag.

This year it's the firm's Cyclist Detection system that takes the top spot. It operates via a series of sensors that scan in front of the car and detect when a cyclist travelling in the same direction as the car swerves in front. If it's a severe enough manoeuvre to warrant an emergency response the car sounds an audible warning and automatically slams on the brakes.

Volvo reckons the technology will be of considerable importance for drivers operating in cities, and claims that fleets can cut their accident rates and subsequently their costs as a result of running cars fitted with the system.

It's a way off production yet but Ford's High Tech Brake Light is Highly Commended as it represents a fantastic next step in car-to-car communication. The system works by sending a signal to the car behind if the vehicle in front brakes heavily. It's effectively an early-warning system and gives the driver behind more time to react.