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Techies 2013: Best Green Development - Renault Zoe

Date: 20 August 2013

Despite the raft of eco-friendly technology that has come online over the past 12 months, this category was one of the easiest to decide, as our judges were almost unanimous in their decisions. Renault has positioned itself as a pioneer of electric-only vehicles and the Zoe supermini is the most practical to date, with real-world application to fleets that fit the usage profile.

Yes, it won't suit everyone because the 130-mile maximum range will limit its appeal, but for businesses whose drivers don't live on the motorway, it's an affordable and realistic way of making the move to alternative fuel.

The P11D is easy to swallow, ranging from £18,388 to £19,988 - and that's before you take off the Government's £5000 discount. There is a lease charge for the battery, which ranges from £70 to £93 depending on your mileage, but it still works out as good value, courtesy of flattering SMR and taxation costs.

The Zoe is brimming with tech too, including an adaptable charging lead and an app that can set the cabin temperature while the car is charging.

At the other end of the spectrum, Porsche's Panamera S E-Hybrid is Highly Commended. It's a rare treat to see a high-performance car in this category (it's capable of 0-62mph in 5.5 seconds and 184mph) but official fuel economy of 91mpg and 71g/km of CO2 are astonishing and genuinely move the game along. It's expensive at £88,967, but the plug-in hybrid drivetrain's emissions are low enough for top-level directors to comfortably write down the cost against the business.