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Techies 2013: Best Servicing, Maintenance and Repair System - Epyx 1Link Service Network

Date: 20 August 2013

The 2012 champion retains its prize, and the claimed "industry-standard e-commerce platform for fleet SMR" has been improved in the past 12 months.

New developments include what Epyx calls one of the most significant revisions in the system's 10-year history with upgraded scheduling to improve the system for fleets booking a service, MoT or inspection for a car, van, truck or item of plant, with the latter vehicles also benefiting from a new compliance module to help meet statutory vehicle requirements.

The number of manufacturers operating specialist fleet programmes has risen to 15, with Skoda and VW Commercial Vehicles added in the past 12 months to those using the system to improve dealer performance for time and flexibility in relation to company car and van driver service bookings.

Epyx won this category for its Price Check function in particular last year, and the tool that enforces suppliers' commercial terms already in place works by applying savings to all similar purchases in the future, effectively learning a fleet's business relationship.

Overall, Epyx claims to be used by fleets running a total of 2.64 million vehicles, up from 2.19 million in the past 18 months. It has 18,000 dealers, independent garages and fast-fits on it books, with 2000 of those added in the past year, and claims to have most of the top 50 leasing firms signed up.