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Techies 2015: Fleet Management - Chevin FleetWave

Date: 25 August 2015   |   Author:

Chevin describes its FleetWave management system as the "most sophisticated fleet information and process management system available", and it received near universal praise from our judges.

It's also not the first time Chevin has taken this prize having won last year, while it was highly commended for the previous two years.

One judge described the service as being both "simple and comprehensive", while another said: "The system incorporates a wide variety of useful functions to significantly improve efficiency." FleetWave also came in for commendation for taking into account environmental impact and fuel analysis, as well as driver checks and safety inspections.

Brownie points were awarded, too, for the provision of both claimed and 'real-world' economy figures mapped out across quarterly and yearly periods, with a simple traffic light colour-grading system.

Meanwhile, fleet managers can use the system to implement preventative maintenance procedures, including daily driver checks and vehicle safety inspections, with the driver inspection tab able to display images added by company car users - for instance, showing a picture confirming that a tyre is worn and needs to be replaced.

Helping to simplify life for those using Chevin FleetWave, training programmes can be scheduled into the system, complete with automatic reminders, while integration with other systems allows users to view and manage vehicle inspections. Monitoring fuel use, cost and mileage, FleetWave gives clear colour-coded displays that let users scan data for trends and flag any anomalies.

Another useful feature that should be appreciated by fleet managers is key management. Thanks to lockable, reinforced electronic key boxes, managers can easily keep track of their vehicles and keys, with the automated process removing the need to pay for additional staff.

Reservations can also be made by vehicle users through the FleetWave system, allowing approved drivers easy access to the relevant vehicles.

With more than 850,000 vehicles logged on the system across more than 75 large fleets over the past three years, FleetWave has proven popular with many fleet managers, with the system's functionality helping to cut the administrative resources needed to keep track of large vehicle fleets.

Demonstrating the scope of the FleetWave system, it is currently used by fleets around the world, including construction company Bouygues in the UK, The City of Boston, and the Haitian National Police.

Highly commended - Arval Reporting Suite

Arval might have been pipped to the post by Chevin FleetWave, but it still put in a strong performance that was summed up by one judge as "brilliant". This judge continued: "Arval does everything a fleet manager could want. It joins up seamlessly with so many aspects of fleet."

Selling itself on its "accurate and speedy reporting", the system features a planning tool that shows a three-year view of trends within the fleet, with users able to zone in on specific fleet costs. Aside from this, it is optimised for use on tablets so fleet managers can easily access fleet data while away from their desks.

Highly commended - Teletrac Fleet Director

Teletrac's Fleet Director software allows managers to keep track of how their fleets are being driven - giving a useful insight into users' driving style - and features GPS data plus performance and safety information.

Fleet managers can access the platform on multiple devices including their mobile phones, but the system also boasts the ability to flag moments of heavy braking, and harsh acceleration or cornering, with fleet managers as they happen, quickly helping them to highlight any issues with drivers.

The software can also log the number of incidents per vehicle and compare that with the number of miles covered to demonstrate to users how safe their drivers are.