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Techies 2015: Leasing and Contract Hire - Ogilvie Fleet MiFleet Showroom 2

Date: 25 August 2015   |   Author:

This is an incredibly impressive hat-trick for Ogilvie Fleet, grabbing the Leasing and Contract Hire Techie for the third year in a row.

Since its 2011 launch, MiFleet Showroom has constantly evolved, providing more clever innovation and details to help make its system even more fleet manager and driver-friendly. And crucially, the system is free of charge to all customers, irrespective of size of fleet or how many of their vehicles are leased through Ogilvie.

The latest updates for 2015 include an improved grey fleet management tool, built into the same system and along the same principle of being able to view the entire fleet on a single page.

Drivers upload their own journeys onto the system, along with all relevant documentation including insurance, vehicle servicing evidence and MoT via a secure log-in process, and the fleet manager can see whether items are overdue, as well as flagging up areas of risk exposure.

Our judging panel liked the fact that the grey fleet element is integrated into the same system the fleet manager will already be using for company vehicles, with one judge describing it as "easy and effective".
The 2015 enhancements are on top of an already award-winning system that alerts managers to vehicles requiring action via a traffic light system, which works on a minute-by-minute basis to identify exceptions.

The online reporting facility aimed at reducing fleet admin combined with service and MoT reminder updates to help Ogilvie win the 2014 award, building on its success of the previous year when it first grabbed a BusinessCar Techie.

The pace of development isn't likely to slow at Ogilvie, a company that ranked 18th in the BC50 list of top leasing companies in 2014, since it secured £100m of funding through HSBC earlier this year to fuel ambitious expansion plans. Senior management have declared a goal to double the company's current 12,000-vehicle fleet by the end of the decade.

"We are an ambitious business, looking to grow and create jobs. In recent times we have seen an increase in our customer base, invested in technology and devised a prudent disposal strategy, all of which is helping us reach our long-term goals," said Gordon Stephen, MD of Ogilvie Fleet.

Highly commended - Glass's GlassForecast

Glass's launched its new forecast product late in 2014. A key element has been transparency, with the residual value giant  offering previously unseen levels of clarity in terms of explaining every judgement and forecasting process, and the methodology and technology behind it.

The firm's systems take into account inflation, seasonality, plate effect and editorial opinion, as well as its bank of historical data.

"No-one is doing anything this advanced," was the verdict from one judge, and it's hard not to agree.

Highly commended - Graham Hill Lease Evaluation App

The sheer quantity of lease deals from different sources with different upfront payments and mileage stipulations can make life tricky for smaller fleets that are more flexible in picking deals over the stability of a uniform offering, which larger fleets prefer to minimise car park envy. So an app that can grade and calculate the strength of a deal is a godsend, even if teething trouble has delayed its launch onto Google's Play store.

The Lease Evaluation App can score the appeal of lease rates on different cars of different values across different month and mileage terms. To our knowledge, it's unique, and undeniably useful.