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Techies 2015: Risk Management - Intelligent Telematics

Date: 25 August 2015   |   Author:

It's a clear victory for Intelligent Telematics in this category that celebrates the clever technology designed to keep drivers safe and fleets on the right side of the law.

The company has certainly brought something new and technologically advanced to the sector, with the introduction of an in-car 3G camera that can not only record incidents involving company vehicles, but is also configured to record near misses so fleet managers can use real-life instances involving a specific driver to help train the individual in question.

Historically, in-vehicle cameras were a reactive solution, but Intelligent Telematics' new IT1000 product, which the firm claims is 16 times more powerful than other solutions in the marketplace, transmits footage of incidents via a secure 3G network to a web-based interface with live text and email alerts.

That means a fleet manager will get a notification of a vehicle involved in an incident and be able to view it before they even get the phone call from a driver.

But the key element that made the Intelligent Telematics entry stand out for the panel of judges was the ability to view near misses and poor driving incidents, along with telemetry data, and use them to train an employee by showing them examples of their own driving.

"It is possible to create a highly accurate and tailored risk management solution, using actual footage of driver-specific incidents to support the driver education process," said the firm, which in turn leads to determining which employees are low, medium or high risk.  

The company claims analysis of 2000 vehicles using IT1000 over a six-month period found a 45% reduction in accident frequency and that 65% of the accidents that happened were avoidable from the fleet's perspective, "highlighting the clear opportunity to improve fleet safety levels through improved and targeted driver engagement".

"Email and SMS alerts when collisions or near misses occur will be useful - not only for the fleet manager who will be able to assess the damage quickly, but could also help alert authorities to incidents if needed," was the verdict of one judge who put Intelligent Telematics top of the pile.

It's fair to say this impressive entry is doing exactly what The Techies were designed to reward: making clever and innovative use of technology so that fleets are easier, safer and more efficient to manage.

Highly Commended - E-Training World

A new update to E-Training World's system helped it grab Highly Commended status in this Risk Management category.

The company now has a graphical format for rating driver averages across a division, or client, against others within the company or the company's entire system, framing exactly how much risk an individual firm carries from its drivers, as well as how that has shifted across different date ranges to illustrate the effectiveness of previous training.

The system also now more easily portrays the risk rating for a driver across different categories, including attitude, knowledge, hazard perception, and concentration and observation.