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Techies 2015: Service, Maintenance and Repair - BMW Group Five Star Programme

Date: 25 August 2015   |   Author:

Standing head and shoulders above the competition in the service, maintenance and repair arena is the BMW Group Five Star Programme, which truly lived up to its name in terms of the level of service provided.

This system works by asking customers to register their feedback after every interaction with a BMW retailer, with users able to log a score from one to five based on their level of satisfaction. All customers' scores are then collated over a period of 90 days, with individual retailers receiving aggregated figures that are then published on the retailer's websites.

Showing the level of engagement with this scheme, 100,000 comments have been logged by the car company over the past year, which have displayed what BMW says is "a hugely satisfying positive response".

The firm continues: "Only by allowing this public, rigorous, transparent process can we, and of course our customers, be certain we are giving the very best service".

Proving that this is not just BMW blowing its own trumpet, Chris Mason, the director of the Government-backed car dealer self-regulation body Motor Codes, praised the Five Star Programme for bringing "a new level of transparency and openness to the retail car showroom and aftersales facility".

Our judges were similarly impressed, with praise being directed at the clarity of the rating system, with one commenting that the way BMW had implemented it was "a neat idea to improve service levels for aftersales visits", featuring a "good use of tech".

Another judge said that this level of service very much lived up to the company's billing as a premium manufacturer: "BMW has developed a way to demonstrate service and satisfaction in an easy and clear way.

"It provides transparency, and the rating system will hopefully encourage retailers to strive to deliver excellent service at all times, which is in line with what is expected of a luxury car brand."

While other car manufacturers impressed in certain areas with their sales, maintenance and repair performance this year, none came close to rivalling BMW's clear, easily digestible data that allows users to quickly gauge the level of service they can expect from different dealerships.

BMW's Five Star Programme may not match last year's winner in this category - Autoglass Vanbrella (a van-mounted umbrella that allows staff to repair or replace windscreens even in the rain) - in the innovation stakes, but we were very impressed with its focus on using technology to deliver old-fashioned customer service.