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Techies 2017: Risk Management

Date: 25 July 2017

Aftermarket dashcam systems have been a popular addition to company cars in recent years thanks to their ability to reduce insurance costs while making it easier to attribute blame if an accident occurs.

Despite this, few cars have them built in as standard. The Citroen C3 does, and its ConnectedCam tool uses a forward-facing camera located behind the rear-view mirror to take photos and videos.

In the event of a collision, the system automatically runs for 90 seconds - 30 seconds beforehand and 60 seconds afterwards - to log what happened and allow the GPS coordinates to show the location.

Grainy footage is out of the question, too, thanks to the two million megapixel camera that captures details in high definition, and storage on a large 128GB internal unit to ensure that footage is safe until needed. It doesn't just look ahead either; the unit is able to capture 120° worth of activity.

The smartphone app that comes with the ConnectedCam also includes a few nifty features to save company car drivers time. We've all had that "where did I park my car?" moment, but the app allows motorists to locate their vehicle's position using the in-built GPS, saving the owner the embarrassment of traipsing around a car park looking for their 'lost' vehicle.

Having a dashcam built into the car not only saves fleets time - there's no need to install a third-party unit and then remove it again when it comes to remarketing the vehicle - the quality of the footage on offer and the fact it will reduce both the time and resources required to settle claims is innovative - and that's why the French manufacturer has scooped our risk management award.