The Government needs to pour a further £12bn into the road network in order to get it into a “reasonable condition” according to Asphalt Industry Alliance.

The figures come from the organisation’s Annual Local Authority Maintenance survey, which claim that heavy rainfall over the previous winter has added an additional £1.5bn to the repair cost of the roads since last year. 

It described the £12bn figure as a “catch-up cost” for repairing potholes and other damage to the road network, which worked out at an average of £90m per local authority. 

Chairman of the Asphalt Industry Alliance, Alan Mackenzie, said: “The Government has recently made significant additional funds available to help combat the results of the relentless rainfall this winter but money spent on repairing damage never goes as far as money invested in planned, preventative maintenance. 

“It costs at least 20 times more per square metre to fill a pothole than it does to resurface a road.”