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Fleet managers should share risk

Date: 12 July 2006

Software expert Environmental IQ has

controversially suggested fleet managers should not bear the brunt of responsibility for managing road risk.

Speaking at the launch of its all-new RiskLedger risk management software, vice president Andrew Barnes, warned against the culture of managing risk in isolation. Instead, Barnes suggests all operational risk must be incorporated within one system of management governed at director level.

"The problem with many companies is risk is managed in isolation and in an unique manner. Problems and incidents slip under the radar, invisible to management - today's near miss is tomorrow's accident," said Barnes.

A single all-encompassing system of risk assessment has significant benefits over multiple methods of assessing risk for a certain area of the business.

"It's staggering how many times little unrelated incidents, which should have triggered management's alarm bells, join-up to predict one big accident."

He cites an example of an employee who has fallen down the stairs at work, been injured off the premises and has bumps and scrapes on his company car, all incidents are a prelude to a fatal car accident. Could the accident have been predicted? Not if the HR and fleet management software was not linked.

"Most companies record incidents in 'information silos' that are ether impossible or difficult to join-up", said Barnes.

"The benefits of an organisation which takes operational risk seriously are numerous. It helps retain and recruit new people, reduce legal exposure, bring in investors and build the brand."

The firm's new software incorporates feeds from fleet management software and combines it with other risk data offering management accurate real-time risk assessment of an employee. The system starts at £15 a month.