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Businesses leading the green charge

Date: 14 March 2007

Businesses are setting a shining example in the battle against climate change - almost a quarter already operate fleets with green policies in place, with the sole objective of slashing carbon dioxide emissions.

More than 22% of the 188 companies and 81,000 vehicles audited by Monks Data, a division of finance experts Pricewaterhousecoopers, were operating with targets and policies to cut emissions - proof companies are taking their green responsibilities seriously.

Green issues were found at the top of many fleet agendas, with numerous innovative green pushes to reduce car use for company business. 40% of all questioned, for example, encouraged car sharing, while 39% encouraged cycling, with three-quarters of those surveyed had introduced facilities such as showers and bike sheds.

However, there's still plenty of work required to help drivers meet new legislation.

Only 51% are ready for the anti-smoking laws set to be introduced come the 1st of July. Even more alarming is the failing of 1 out of 10 businesses to ban hand-held mobile use while driving that was made illegal in December 2003 and upgraded to an endorsable offence on the 27 February.

Pricewaterhousecoopers also uncovered a shocking 20% of companies neglect to carry out frequent licence checks.