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Cash or car? Most drivers have no say

Date: 14 February 2007   |   Author: Nick Gibbs

Two-thirds of business drivers do not have a choice between a company car or an allowance. It's one or the other, found a survey published by lease company Alphabet.

That's not to say they wouldn't like the choice. Of the 557 drivers surveyed, half said they'd like a remuneration package that gave them the option of choosing. However, a quarter of those currently given cash said they'd go for a similar package next time around.

Of those given a choice, the reasons for choosing a company car were topped by the need to have a car that could handle high miles (17%). Then came the comfort of zero hassles (13%), followed by the quality of the deal (11%).

Those who went for cash did so first and foremost because of the tax efficiency (28%), followed by the freedom to get the car they wanted.

As ever, any reason for switching back in the future was dominated by the financial incentives, but a better car would be enough of a temptation to get cash-takers back into the company car fold.