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Save the planet, slow down

Date: 12 September 2007

Peter Hendy heading up the CFIT report

Government emissions-reducing experts are today expected to call for the public to slow down in a bid to drastically cut emissions.

Other eco-tips suggested by the transport advisors included switching off air conditioning and removing roof racks, but pivotal to the Commission for Integrated Transport's (CFIT) report that's published today is a call for state-sponsored lessons in efficient driving to reduce a vehicle's impact on the environment.

According to research conducted by the BBC speeding at 80mph, rather than 70mph, increases CO2 emissions by one-third.

And it's widely accepted that efficient driving could bring savings of up to 10%, while switching of the aircon could reduce CO2 by a similar amount.

The Commission - headed Peter Hendy (pictured), commissioner of Transport for London - has demanded carmakers play a greater role in reducing emissions, calling for all cars to produce no more than 100g/km of CO2 by 2020.

The CFIT report also wants a change in philosophy within the aviation industry, suggesting airlines buy the right to produce CO2.

Controversially, the body urges the Government to make more efforts to increase the cost of flights to act as a deterrent to travel.

Rather than meeting the Government's target of stabilising emissions by 2020, the aim of the report is to reduce them instead.